2021’s Hottest Home Design Trends

The interior design trends for 2021 celebrate our newfound appreciation for the comforts of home.

  • Many of the tried and true rules of decorating are out the window for 2021.
  • The newest home trends are varied, including everything from bold colors to rustic to sculptural furniture.

With so many people spending extra time at home during 2020, it’s no surprise that 2021 is the year of home redecorating. So if you’re looking for some ideas to spruce up your living space, here are some of the hottest home design trends of the year.

Go Big With Colors and Prints

No longer are homeowners bound by minimalist designs and consistent patterns. For 2021, it’s all about the bold. Mix contrasting prints and large and small shapes with a couple of primary colors that pull it together. Then, use the variety to create visually appealing layers that coordinate across the furniture, linens, and walls. Checks and stripes and circles and flowers are two possible combinations.

Primary colors make a return for 2021. A lamp in a brilliant red or sunshine yellow, for example, brightens up space when used against a more neutral background. Wood furniture and flooring gain new life when you add some cheerful primary colors to the room. A brilliant shade of yellow is trendy this year.

Rustic Is All the Rage

Rustic decor is comforting and cheerful, and for many people, it brings about fond reminiscing. If your home already has the look of a country home, such as exposed beams or hardwood floors, rustic colors, fabrics, and finishes are a perfect match. Reclaimed wood, with its rough textures and woodgrain, is a big part of this trend.

Choose Sculptural Furniture Pieces

Sculptural furniture comes in a variety of shapes that make a dramatic statement across the room. Even when the pieces are neutral colors, they draw the eye of everyone in the room. Sculptural lamps cast light in lovely patterns, and ceramic pieces on a shelf fill in the small spaces.

Transition to the Tropical

Whether it’s a beautiful green palm leaf pattern or something reminiscent of the beach, tropical brights and colors are popular in 2021. They’re soothing and relaxing after a stressful and hectic homebound year. In addition, travel-related room themes, such as sailing, remind us that it’s time to return to wandering the world.

Consider a Wall Mural

Murals take many forms. Some are painted on the walls with lively patterns and artistic scenes. Other murals are woven tapestries that span the area of the wall. This element is a versatile design element that works in large and small rooms and can take on almost any theme, from classic art pieces to fairytale scenes.

Visualize Vintage

Whether they’re genuine antiques, reclaimed or repurposed pieces, or retro items, vintage furniture and color schemes are versatile and classy. Even if you don’t go all out and replace all your furniture, you can subtly reference the look through the colors you choose and the layers you create. Intense colors centered around a single vintage piece with lots of contrast and gentle lighting are winning formulas.

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