Outdoor Family Activities

outdoor activities for grandparents and kids

Summer vacation is a magical time for kids and grandparents alike. No school, tons of free time, and plenty of warm weather easily make it the best time of every year. Finding the right outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy is a big part of what makes it so great, though. Here are four fun outdoor activities to do with grandparents and kids this season at Summer Lake, so you can make it a summer to remember.

Visit a Playground – It’s Free!

In terms of outdoor activities, it’s hard to beat an old-fashioned playground. There’s plenty to do at one of these outdoor play areas, especially when it’s the one at Summer Lake.  From being pushed higher and higher on the swings to testing your grip strength on the jungle gym to trying not to stick to the metal slide, it’s a bunch of good, clean fun.

When discussing outdoor activities for grandparents, the park or playground will always be at the top of the list. Not only does it give everyone involved some much-needed exercise, but it’s also completely free. With so much of the modern world looking to get your money, it’s nice to unplug and enjoy the simple pleasure of a communal play area that doesn’t cost a cent.

Go For a Swim

When the weather gets hot, there are few things more gratifying than taking a dip in the pool. At Summer Lake, you’ve got access to an entire Olympic-sized swimming pool to enjoy with your family and friends, plus kiddie pools for the youngest among us. There’s even the Children’s Splash Park that packs in as much fun as a full water park within walking distance of your house.

If you’ve had your fill of water for the day, you can also take advantage of the tennis court and clubhouse located right next to the pool. Even if you’re not visiting on a day we’re hosting an event or get-together in the Community Room, there’s still a ton of ways to relax and have fun.

Hit the Trails

One of the best activities to do with grandparents is exploring the trails that wind throughout Summer Lake. Available for hiking and biking, you can spend the entire day experiencing the beautiful scenery and reconnecting with nature. Bring along some food and drinks for a nice picnic while you’re at it, but remember to pick up after yourselves when you’re done.

Open Up Their Imagination

Not all of Summer Lake is formally structured; the community has a vast recreational field to play in that will let kids do just about anything they can think up. Picnics, kickball, games of tag, and tons of other activities to do with grandparents are all the more fun when you’ve got plenty of space to do them in. You could even take some indoor activities outdoors here, like crafts, art projects, and more. Even just hanging out and enjoying a day full of cloud-watching is a lot more fun somewhere like this.

Find Your Family’s Dream Home in Virginia, at Summer Lake

Summer Lake has plenty to offer people of all ages, both during the summers and the rest of the year. With one of the friendliest communities in all of Virginia with some of the most beautiful homes and landscapes you’ll ever see, choosing to settle down in one of our pre-constructed homes or lots is never a bad decision. Contact us today to learn about what homes you can buy at Summer Lake so you can start enjoying all of these outdoor activities to do with grandparents and more ASAP.

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