Things to Look for in a Community

things to look for in a community

When choosing a suitable home, the community that surrounds your family is a crucial factor. It’s human nature to prefer a location that offers convenience, comfort, and a lifestyle of choice. Moreover, homeowners who find an ideal community are more likely to settle faster and for longer.

There are many factors to consider when looking into a community in Virginia, and you shouldn’t have to guess or settle on anything. Summer Lake in Moseley, VA, is ideal for any family looking for the perfect community.

Outdoor Amenities & Activities for Kids

An ideal community should have a good mix of activities and amenities that suit your lifestyle. That can include accessible parks, community pools, libraries, daycare centers, or outdoor courts. A good combination makes it perfect for different age sets comprised of kids, adults, or senior citizens:

  • Playground areas with swing sets, a kiddie pool, and a children’s splash park, will have your children enjoying the outdoors as they engage in a healthy way.
  • Outdoor Amenities to get your endorphins flowing as you get active and sweaty with your active neighbors. Such amenities include tennis courts, jogging and biking trails, a large swimming pool with a diving well, volleyball, basketball, and pickleball courts.
  • Lake Chesdin Golf Club offers residents of Summer Lake membership so that they can enjoy the I8-hole golf course or relax and unwind at the clubhouse.


One thing that adds value to having all the above amazing outdoor amenities is convenience. For instance, you want to be able to take your kids to a museum or movie on a lovely afternoon and get back home in good time for your evening routine. Similarly, a short commute to restaurants or the grocery store makes life so much easier and more comfortable.

So, when choosing a community, access to major roads, hospitals, convenience stores, or proximity to work is a big bonus. Summer Lake is conveniently located among many

  • Close to more than five pharmacies within minutes
  • Major grocery stores; Summer lake is on Otterdale Drive
  • Has over seven gas stations within a 15-minute drive
  • Has several shopping malls, such as Hancock Village, Commonwealth Center, or Chesterfield Town Center Mall, that are approximately a 15-minute drive away.


A community with access to good schools is an excellent sign that your child will get a quality education. What’s more, quality schools enhance your home’s current and resale value. For that reason, schools rank highly in things to look for in a community. Here are a few highlights about schools in Moseley, Virginia, that you should know:

  • Chesterfield County Public Schools: 63 public schools, including specialty and technical education centers. Interestingly, Chesterfield schools perform better and rank highly in Virginia Standard of Learning.
  • Private Schools: There are 16 private schools in Chesterfield, ranging from daycare, high schools, and colleges.
  • Technology Advancement: Chesterfield County offers middle and high school students Chromebooks and plans to extend the support to elementary levels.

Established Community and Events

Finding a community where you and your family easily blend in and makes you feel at home is important. Therefore, the community that you end up living in should feed your soul, mind, and body. It needs to have the right ambiance and a welcoming setting.

Summer Lake’s community culture is inviting and inclusive for all ages. What’s more, it has an expansive outdoor space enhancing kids’ interaction, making friends, and other meet-ups.

The outdoor spaces like basketball fields, tennis courts, swimming pools, or jogging tracks facilitate harmonious living. The residents can organize fun events such as team or one-on-one competitions, which is a building block to healthy communities.

Family Life at Summer Lake, in Moseley, VA

Summer Lake is one of the best Chesterfield County communities, with homes close to schools, shopping centers, and many outdoor amenities. You’ll find comfort in the established neighborhood as you enjoy the different fun activities. Call 804-590-9900 or contact us online to learn more about the available homes in the Summer Lake community.

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