Why You Should Request a Home Warranty When Buying a Home

You might think that if you’re buying a new home, you don’t need a warranty. After all, what can go wrong with a brand new house full of brand new appliances? However, you should always request a home warranty, no matter whether the property you’re buying is new or previously owned. Even the most conscientious builder can make mistakes or unknowingly use a defective product. Read on to learn more about why you need a home warranty with a newly constructed home.

Do You Need a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is like an insurance policy against things that might go wrong with your new home that aren’t covered by the builder’s warranty. A third-party company issues the home warranty. Here are two reasons why you should explore purchasing a home warranty.

  • While most new homes come with a warranty from the builder, these guarantees are usually limited. The language in these warranties is usually narrowly focused on specific systems or parts of the home. Appliances are typically excluded, as is anything that fails due to everyday use. These things can be covered under a home warranty plan.
  • Not every problem is identifiable before or at the final inspection. For example, you may not find roof leaks until the first significant rain after you move in. Uneven floors and cracking drywall may not turn up until the house settles for some time. A home warranty plan can offer you protection against these problems.
  • Your home warranty may be renewable from year to year. While builder warranties are usually only for a year or so, purchasing a home warranty may protect you long after the contract from your builder expires.

Home Warranties for New Construction Homes

A homeowner’s warranty on a new construction home differs from the homeowner’s insurance that covers you if your home is damaged by fire, natural disasters, and other calamities. The home warranty covers appliances and systems within your home, such as your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. No disaster or accident is required to invoke a claim under your home warranty. The most significant benefit of purchasing a home warranty is the peace of mind you get as a new homeowner. You can rest assured that if something goes wrong shortly after you move into your beautiful new dream home, you have somewhere to turn for help.

Summer Lake

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Call us at 804-590-990 or contact us today to learn more about the available properties and to schedule a visit. Our team of real estate experts can share with you all about Summer Lake and what’s planned for the neighborhood in the future. We can also help with general questions if you’re wondering what a home warranty covers or how much you should pay for one. Whether it’s new construction or one of our existing homes on the market, Summer Lake is sure to have something right for your family.

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